Websites for Therapists

escape the sterility of standard therapy websites with a little more soul
Sensibility well suited to therapy websites

As both an award winning photographer & ex Buddhist monk webdonegood is sympathetic to the needs of therapists

Users will judge websites as beautiful or not within 1/50th to 1/20th of a second. When you are offering your services to someone who has reached the point of contacting a therapist there are still several hurdles to overcome if they are to pick up the phone to you.

There are likely at least two things prospective clients look for. Something that is both confidence inspiring and welcoming.

On the web, there are subliminal things people derive confidence from. These would include simplicity, beauty, good usability but also more technical aspects such as the speed of a site.

Customer Remit

A website with more soul

David had previously used the UK's largest builder of websites for therapists for his own therapy practice. He felt his site looked sterile soulless and unattractive. He asked WebDoneGood to make him something he could feel proud of that looked professional and inviting.

Customer felt his old site lacked warmth

The old website design

Project goal

A new website with both a professional & inviting look

The redesign

So you need a website?
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