About us

Hello from Mahesi.
Founder of WebDoneGood

Hi I am founder of WebDoneGood.

I am originally from Edinburgh and as a young man got a an HND in photography from Napier college. I won an award from Kew Gardens for my photography and sold in high end galleries alongside the work of Cartier Bresson and Man Ray.

I went on to become a Buddhist monk for 15 years where I learnt about the benefits of a beautiful environment. 

In more recent years I help set up the Forge Yoga Centre and also started to run my own online businesses.

Over the years I learnt a lot about web development realised I was building websites as good and sometimes better than many professional services offer.

I now enjoy helping people get to show off their work, business ideas or skills on the web in a way they feel proud of at a cost that beats any agency your likely to encounter.

For smaller projects I build all the websites myself but I have a network of colleagues with great expertise for larger projects if needed. 
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